From Gainesville, which is West of us. Here are the directions: Take 39th Ave/26 through the town of Melrose to Putnam Hall. You'll have to stop at the intersection of 26 &100. Go straight across, don't turn and watch out for the traffic from the right, they fly around that curve! This is where the GPS will steer you wrong so please follow my directions. Once you cross over 100, turn right onto Putnam Loop. Go 1/2 mi to Bellamy Rd, which is a dirt road. Turn Right onto Bellamy (you will go into a church parking lot if you don't turn). Go 1/2 mi to Darwood on the left. Its a REAL dirt road but fear not, you'll make it! Go 1/2 mi down Darwood to 5579 on the right, you'll see the address on the telephone pole and you'll probably see pigs long before you get to those gates.
School buses and large vehicles please contact us for an alternate route.